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Pfizer ziprasidone sushi bar
2007 General Practitioner Conference and Exhibition in Australia.
Sushi Style Container (with booklet, pen and chopsticks) handed out
at the largest annual event for doctors in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Raw Case Studies Discussion ~ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Ziprasidone's efficacy and side effects profile:
    1. How effective is ziprasidone for the treatment of schizophrenia?
    2. What effect does ziprasidone have on metabolic parameters?
    3. Does ziprasidone cause extrapyramidal symptoms?
Using ziprasidone in clinical practice:
    1. In which schizophrenia patients should ziprasidone be used?
    2. In which countries is ziprasidone marketed as Zeldox?
    3. In which countries is ziprasidone marketed as Geodon?
Ziprasidone is marketed as Zeldox in china and Geodon in brazil.

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