Risperdone-induced acute mania with euphoria, psychomotor agitation, verbal aggressiveness, irritability, pressured speech and hypersexuality.
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RISPERDAL risperidone   Because mania wrecks lives

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Risperidone may induce mania
Risperidone has been used in the treatment of mania in combination with mood stabilizers, even though risperidone has
also been reported to cause mania. Two new cases of risperidone-induced mania have been reported in a 23-year-old
man and a 21-year-old woman, who developed acute mania with euphoria, psychomotor agitation, and hypersexuality.
Neither patient experienced manic symptoms before treatment with risperidone. Some risperidone-induced mania
cases were seen with low-to-moderate doses (2-4 mg/day) of risperidone; other cases with higher doses (6-9 mg/day).
      Güzelcan Y; de Haan L; Scholte W F. (2002) Risperidone may induce mania. Psychopharmacology 162:85-86.

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