She's followed by a menacing black dog. The dog and her coalesce.
Risperdal advertisement, 2004

Amelia, virtually housebound through fear, believes that when she goes out she's followed by a menacing black dog.
And that the dog and her coalesce.

RISPERDAL RANGE risperidone   Because relapses are a living nightmare.   Janssen-Cilag Ltd ~ Organon
With thanks to the service users who helped in the development of this campaign.

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Service users (clinical trial participants, laboratory subjects, patients, clients, consumers, customers, human guinea pigs) experiencing adverse events:
11 year old child ~ death, pyrexia.
13 year old child ~ ventricular extrasystoles.
21 year old male ~ multi-organ failure, myocarditis, hepatitis fulminant.
23 year old female ~ diplopia, diabetes insipidus, amenorrhoea, pituitary tumour, headache, menorrhagia, lactation disorder, intracranial hypotension.
40 year old female ~ Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
43 year old male ~ weight gain, diabetes mellitus, blood cholesterol increased, hypertension.
69 year old female ~ death.
Primary Suspect Drug in all cases: Risperdal (risperidone).   Thousands more may be viewed at

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