Thorazine produced a quiet, phlegmatic acceptance of pain.
Thorazine advertisement, 1956.
California Medicine, Vol. 85, No. 2, p. 11.

THORAZINE* can help your patients to endure the suffering caused by severe pain
for example: in burns

Thorazine's tranquilizing action can reduce the suffering caused by the pain of sever burns. 'Thorazine' acts, not by eliminating pain, but by altering the patient's reaction -- enabling him to view his pain with what has been described as "serene detachment". Karp et al.,(1) reporting on the use of 'Thorazine' in patients with severe pain, observed that 'Thorazine' produced "a quiet, phlegmatic acceptance of pain."
Before prescribing 'Thorazine', it is important that the physician be conversant with our literature, particularly those parts of it dealing with administration, dosage, side effects, cautions and contraindications.
'Thorazine' is available, as the hydrochloride, in 10 mg. 25 mg., 50 mg., 100 mg. and 200 mg. tablets; 25 mg. (1 cc.) and 50 mg. (2 cc.) ampuls; and syrup (10 mg./5 cc.); and, as the base, in 25 mg. and 100 mg. suppositories.
Smith Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia
*T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. for chlorpromazine, S.K.F.
1. Karp, M., et al.: Am J. Obst. & Gynec. 69:780 (April) 1955.

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