facilitate the management of menopausal patients Thorazine advertisement, 1956.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 6.

to help you relieive
the severe emotional upset
of the menopausal patient

'Thorazine' can facilitate the over-all management of
your menopausal patient. Its unique, non-hypnotic
tranquilizing effect relieves anxiety, tension, agitated
depression and helps you to restore to the patient a
feeling of well-being and a sense of belonging.
'Thorazine' is available in ampuls, tablets and syrup
(as the hydrochloride), and in suppositories
(as the base).
for information write:
Smith Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia 1
*T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat Off. for chlorpromazine, S.K.F.

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