are you using thorazine to full advantage in your practice?
Thorazine advertisement, 1962.
Psychosomatics, Vol. 3, No. 2.

You can't tell me anything new about Thorazine®.
You're right, Doctor. We can't tell you anything basically new about 'Thorazine' (brand of chlorpromazine).
Its actions and effects are well known. Its efficacy has been clearly demonstrated. And it has been found
to be relatively safe, even in long-term therapy.
This is why 'Thorazine' remains the first choice in many psychiatric conditions, and the standard against
which newer tranquilizing agents are inevitably compared. In eight years, the replacement for time-tested,
time-proven 'Thorazine' has not been found.
Are you using 'Thorazine' to full advantage in your practice, Doctor?
Quotation is a statement we often hear; photograph is professionally posed.
A reminder advertisement -- For prescribing information, please see PDR or available literature.
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