abolishes the emotional turbulence that adversely affects digestion
Thorazine advertisement, 1956.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 2.

in many gastrointestinal disorders
THORAZINE* "would appear to be... tranquilizing agent of choice..."
in many gastrointestinal disorders... functional as well as secondary to organic disease such as spastic colon, peptic ulcer and
a variety of other conditions marked by pain and vomiting, 'Thorazine' has 3 advantages:
1. 'Thorazine' abolishes the emotional turbulence -- fear, excitation, anxiety, tension -- that adversely affects digestion and the digestive tract.
2. 'Thorazine' effectively controls the nausea and vomiting of gastrointestinal disorders.
3. 'Thorazine' has a mild atropine-like, inhibitory effect on gastric secretion and "would appear to be... tranquilizing agent of choice
when stimulation of gastric secretion is contraindicated."
'Thorazine' should be administered discriminately; and, before prescribing, the physician should be fully conversant with the available literature.
'Thorazine' is available as the hydrochloride in ampuls, tablets and syrup; and as the base in suppositories.
*T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. for chlorpromazine, S.K.F.   ~   Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia

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