The many faces of
(fluoxetine HCl)

chewable tablets
for dogs

pink & lavender
capsules for ladies
(Sarafem, Selfemra)

Mint-flavored syrup
for children
(Prozac liquid
oral solution)

Prozac Syrup ~
Fluoxetine Syrup

What is this
medicine called?
Your medicine is
called Prozac®.
It is a clear liquid
that has no colour
and smells of mint.

The many faces of Prozac: fluoxetine beef-flavored chewable tablets for dogs, also available in mint-flavored syrup for children and attractive pink & lavender capsules for the ladies. Prozacked into submission. Prozacked one too many times.
Fluoxetine hydrochloride is marketed under hundreds
of brand names worldwide, including Felicium® in
Austria, Grinflux® in Italy and Hapilux® in Greece.

Partial listing of brand names:

Actan (Chile)
Adepssir (Philippines)
Afeksin (Denmark)
Andep (India, Indonesia)
Andepin (Poland)
Ansilan (Colombia)
Anzac (Thailand)
Auroken (Mexico)
Bioxetin (Poland)
Biozac (Ireland)
Courage (Indonesia)
Depreks (Turkey)
Deprexin (Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Surinam, Trinidad)
Deprexen (Italy)
Deproxin (Thailand)
Deprozin (Mexico)
Dinalexin (Greece)
Docutrix (Spain)
Elevat (India)
Equilibrane (Argentina)
Eufor (Brazil)
Felicium (Austria)
Fluctin (Germany)
Fluctine (Austria, Switzerland)
Fludac (Ethiopia, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Syria, Uganda, Zimbabwe)
Flufran (India)
Flunil (India)
Fluocalm (Greece)
Fluox (Belgium, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand)
Fluoxac (Mexico)
Floxet (Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania)
Fluoxeren (Italy)
Fluoxil (Dominican Republic)
Fluox-Puren (Germany)
Fluozac (Vietnam)
Fluronin (Taiwan)
Flusac (Thailand)
Flutin (Colombia, Korea)
Flutine (Israel, Thailand)
Flux (Austria, Pakistan)
Fluxen (Taiwan)
Fluxetil (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)
Fluxetin (Singapore)
Fluxil (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen)
Fontex (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
Foxetin (Argentina, Korea)
Fysionorm (Germany)
FXT (Canada)
Grinflux (Italy)
Hapilux (Greece, Thailand)
Ladose (Greece)
Lanclic (Korea)
Lorien (South Africa)
Lovan (Australia, New Zealand)
Magrilan (Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Romania)
Modipran (Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia)
Nervosal (Argentina)
Neupax (Peru)
Neuro-Laz (Argentina)
Nodepe (Portugal, Spain)
Nondep (Azerbaijan Republic)
Nopres (Hong Kong, Indonesia)
Nuzak (South Africa)
Oxactin (United Kingdom)
Oxedep (China, India)
Oxetin (Bosnia, Herzegovina)
Portal (Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia)
Positivum (Austria)
Pragmaten (Chile, Ecuador)
Prizma (Israel)
Proctin (Korea)
Prodep (Ghana; Guinea, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritania, Niger, Zambia)
Prozac 20 (Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand)
Prozac Weekly (United States)
Prozit (United Kingdom, Ireland)
Psipax (Portugal)
Psiquial (Brazil, Venezuela)
Rapiflux (United States)
Regultron (Mexico)
Rowexetina (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama)
Salipax (Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Curacao,Guyana, Jamaica)
Sanzur (South Africa)
Seronil (Finland, Poland, Turkey)
Siquial (Mexico)
Tuneluz (Portugal)
U-Zet (Taiwan)
Verotina (Brazil)
Xeredien (Italy)
ZAC (Indonesia)
Zactin (Australia, Singapore, Taiwan)
Zepax (Colombia)

Prozac's side effects include anorgasmia, disturbance in sexual arousal, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse), ejaculation disorder, ejaculation failure, erectile dysfunction, female sexual arousal disorder, genital discharge, genital disorder, libido decreased, loss of libido, male sexual dysfunction, orgasm abnormal, orgasmic sensation decreased, ovarian disorder, sperm analysis abnormal, uterine pain, vulvovaginal dryness and so on.

How fluoxetine is translated:

Arabic: فلوكستين
Chinese: 氟西汀
Croatian: fluoksetin
Czech: fluoxetin
Danish: fluoxetin
Estonian: fluoksetiin
Finnish: fluoksetiini
French: fluoxétine
German: Fluoxetin
Greek: φλουοξετίνη
Hebrew: פלואוקסטין
Icelandic: flúoxetín
Italian: fluoxetina
Japanese: フルオキセチン
Korean: 플루옥세틴
Latvian: fluoksetīns
Lithuanian: fluoksetinas
Norwegian: fluoksetin
Persian: فلوکستین
Polish: fluoksetyny
Portuguese: fluoxetina
Romanian: fluoxetină
Russian: флуоксетин
Serbian: флуоксетина
Slovak: fluoxetín
Slovenian: fluoksetin
Spanish: fluoxetina
Swedish: fluoxetin
Welsh: fluoxetine
Yiddish: פלואָקסעטינע

Been Prozacked into submission one too many times: Equilibrane Depreks Nondep Fluoxac Fluozak Nuzak Femox флуоксетин Hapilux Flutine Oxefina Dinalexin 百忧解 Fluoxine BioZac Andepin Fluctin فلوكستين Fluoksetyna Verotina Floxet Deprexin Eufor Prizma Ladose Elevat fluoxetine Eli Lilly.

In addition to mint-flavored Prozac® syrup for children and beef-flavored Reconcile® tablets for dogs,
Fluoxetine Oral Suspension is available in many other flavors to suit a variety of animal species:
alfalfa * anchovy * apple * apple-molasses * banana * banana-marshmallow *
bubble gum * butterscotch * butterscotch-vanilla * caramel * cherry *
cherry-vanilla * chicken * crème de menthe * fish * grape *
liver * orange * peanut butter * peppermint *
piña colada * raspberry * strawberry *
tutti frutti * watermelon *

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