he meets the rigorous criteria for inclusion
Nicolet Biomedical Instrument advertisement, 1988.
American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 145, No. 2.

This Person Makes the Nicolet BEAM® System Exceptional!
Why? Because he meets the rigorous criteria for inclusion in one of the BEAM age-appropriate data base groups. These benchmark groups contain only certifiably healthy individuals. Every man, woman and child was carefully screened and examined under standardized protocols and environmental conditions. No other topographic mapping system has a data base as comprehensive, exact and healthy as the Nicolet BEAM system.
What's more, the speed and ease of use of the BEAM system make this data base truly clinically useful. All analyses, including Significance Probability Mapping (SPM), are accomplished virtually instantaneously.
In addition, the Nicolet BEAM system is cost-effective. A variety of financial arrangements, including leasing, are available.
Find out how the Nicolet BEAM System is revolutionizing the fields of neurology and psychiatry. For more product information or to schedule a demonstration, call TOLL FREE 1-800-356-0007 in the continental U.S.A. In Wisconsin call collect.
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