implies no sense of restraint - presents no prison look
Chamberlin Psychosecurity Screen advertisement, 1955.
Mental Hospitals, Vol. 6, No. 9.

Chamberlin Psychosecurity Screens permanently and safely solve problems of detention
What price peace of mind?
Prevent accidents and escape ~ Reduce liability hazards ~ Provide patients' peace of mind ~ Easy to install on any window ~ Serve as insect screen
Where protection and detention are needed : Patient rooms * Corridors * Solariums, day rooms * Toilet rooms * Disturbed wards * Alcoholic wards * Nurses' stations * Observation rooms * Examination rooms * Waiting rooms * Delivery rooms * Emergency rooms * Treatment rooms * Windows accessible to prowlers
3 Chamberlin screens meet these needs: (A) DETENTION TYPE to withstand the fury of violent attack. (B) PROTECTION TYPE for the less violent patient. (C) SAFETY TYPE for mildly disturbed patients requiring protective custody.
Chamberlin Company of America ~ Special Products Division ~ 1254 LaBrosse Street, Detroit 32, Michigan

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