offer every child a mental health screening
TeenScreen ad, 2003

Catch them before they fall
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people ages 10-18. Each year an additonal 520,000 youth require medical services for a suicide attempt. It's clear that something must be done.
In July, the President's non-partisan New Freedom Commission on Mental Health did its part. To find youth at risk, the Commission recommends that schools and primary health-care providers offer every child a mental health screening. The next steps are up to you.
The Carmel Hill Center at Columbia University has prepared a report that explains how every parent, policymaker, educator, health professional and community leader can help save young lives. For a free copy of "Catch Them Before They Fall: How to Implement Mental Health Screening Programs for youth," visit
PATH ~ Positive Action for Teen Health
Columbia University TeenScreen® Program ~ Mental Health Check-ups for Youth

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