Watch Clara. She's hiding another 'Stelazine tablet.
Stelazine advertisement, 1966.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 17, No. 7.

Watch Clara       She's hiding another 'Stelazine' tablet
She's got quite a collection in her secret place. And as her hoard increases, her condition deteriorates. 'Stelazine' Concentrate can help patients like Clara. She might even forget about her secret place.
STELAZINE® brand of trifluoperazine CONCENTRATE   10 mg./cc. in 2 fl oz. bottles
The following is a brief precautionary statement. Before prescribing, the physician should be familiar with the complete prescribing information in SK&F literature or PDR. Contraindications: Comatose or greatly depressed states due to C.N.S. depressants and in cases of existing blood dyscrasias, bone marrow depression and liver damage. Precautions: Use with caution in angina patients and in patients with impaired cardiovascular systems. Antiemetic effect may mask symptoms of other disorders. An additive depressant effect is possible when used with other C.N.S. depressants. Prolonged administration of high doses may result in accumulative effects with severe C.N.S. or vasomotor symptoms. Use in pregnant patients only when necessary for the patient's welfare. Side Effects: Occasional cases of mild drowsiness, dizziness, mild skin reactions, dry mouth, insomnia and amenorrhea. Neuromuscular (extrapyramidal) reactions (motor restlessness, dystonias, pseudo-parkinsonism) may occur and, in rare instances, may persist. In addition, muscular weakness, anorexia, rash, lactation, hypotension, and blurred vision have been observed. Blood dyscrasias and cholestatic jaundice have been extremely rare.
For a comprehensive presentation of 'Stelazine' prescribing information and side effects reported with phenothiazine derivatives, please refer to SK&F literature or PDR.
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