Truly Marvelous Mental Medicine
Non-compliant drug evaders
(an effective prophylactic maneuver)

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many mental patients cheek or hide their tablets Warning!
when a patient cheeks and hides tablets When the patient cheats prevent drug evasion and reduce drug waste Drug failure
or drug evader?
she's hiding another stelazine tablet Watch Clara mental patients who fear or resent medication A saboteur who deserves help
an orange tablet gets three greeners Hide and cheek you think he might be flushing his medication Flushed therapy doesn't work
some patients pretend to take medication Spit it out,
hide it,
refuse it
by disguising the concentrate in liquids They're tyring to poison me
can you help him if he refuses medication? Highly recalcitrant patients liquid concentrate is particularly useful for patients who resist Patients who resist
an effective prophylactic maneuver Missed doses chronic drug defaulters Cheekers and pouchers
these patients can best benefit from periodic injections Some may deny their illness relapse-readmission rate of 50 percent Web of noncompliance
poor insight: a hidden danger in schizophrenia A hidden danger: partial compliance

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