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Dr. Bonkers presents
The Nearly Genuine and Truly Marvelous
Psychoneuropharmacological Mental Medicine Show

Online gallery of modern and vintage psychiatric drug advertising.

Ads are sorted by category. Click image to enter each gallery.
bayer heroin Early remedies Thorazine shuffle or Parkinsonian gait: small steps, forward-leaning posture, decreased arm swing, characteristic wooden appearance. Yet Thorazine stopped hiccups in 56 out of 62 patients. Thorazine shuffle
stelazine stratjacket Stelazine straitjacket Extrapyramidal syndrome (EPS): condition arising as a side-effect of medication, including such signs and symptoms as tremor, parkinsonism, akathisia, dystonia, dyskinesia, muscle rigidity, paralysis, drooling, facial tics, spasms and other involuntary movements. Extrapyramidal scheme:
selling drugs
to treat diseases
caused by drugs
women's neuropsychopharmacological issues Women's issues psychoneuropharmacological kid stuff Kid stuff
neuropsychopharmacological scam A-typical scam noncompliant drug evaders Noncompliant drug evaders
neuropsychopharmacological odds Neuropsychopharmacological
odds & ends

This online archive of psychiatric drug advertisements is constantly growing.
Let us know of anything that should be added to our collection.  Thank you!

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