Truly Marvelous Mental Medicine
Early remedies

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Physiologically Standardized according to the U.S.P. Eli Lilly
tincture of cannabis
therapeutic action the same as that of Cannabis Indica Parke Davis
cannabis extract
instantaneous cure Cocaine toothache drops             satisfactory sedative for controlling coughs Codeine cannabis
cough syrup
the cheapest specific for the relief of coughs Bayer heroin a sovereign remedy for nervous debility Brain food
medical opium cures the disorder by removing the cause Opium cure Lloyd Brothers medical marijuana Hemp contentment
Hemp Hypno-sedative induces natural and refreshing sleep. Indian hemp
Electropathic Belt for weak nerves and hysteria - a boon to women. Electropathic belt
a boon to women.
for nervousness, irritability of temper, want of strength etc. Nervous pills instant demon annihilator Demon of weak nerves
the recognized standard of medicinal malt preparations Anheuser-Busch
malt tonic
it is both a tonic and a food Pabst Extract
the best tonic
restore wasted energy to both mind and body Coke eases
tired brains
takes the ouch out of grouch Lithiated 7-up
for hospital or
home use
bona fide placebo tablets Eli Lilly genuine
placebo pills
a positive relief and cure for brain troubles Brain Salt
snake oil an agreeable linament Genuine Snake Oil Swedish codeine cookies and opium biscuits Codeine cookies
& opium wafers        
Brain Duster Tablets - continued use may bring complications Brain Duster tablets give it a trial and be convinced of its merits Dr. Bonker Medicine Co.

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