Hemp Hypno-Sedative stops menstrual pains promptly;  induces natural and refreshing sleep.
Brewer & Co.
Chloral   12 grains
Potassium Bromide   12 grains
Extract Indian Hemp   5//8 grain
Extract Hyoscyamus   1/8 grain
INDICATIONS -- Sleeplessness, Hysteria, Dysmenorrhoea, Spasms, Epilepsy, Neuralgia and allied
Affections and Functional Nervous Disorders.
Stops Menstrual Pains Promptly   ~   Induces Natural and Refreshing Sleep
Suggested for Dysmenorrhoea and ailments requiring a reliable Hypnotic.
DOSE -- One-half to one teaspoonful in water. Dose to be repeated at intervals until desired result is obtrained.
BREWER & COMPANY, INC.   ~   Pharmaceutical Chemists   ~   Worcester Mass.   ~   16 Fluidounce

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