medicinal cannabis stimulates depression, lessens pain, allays spasmodic neuralgia, improves the appetite and causes a feeling of general contentment
Lloyd Brothers Cannabis, circa 1910.

Specific Medicines   CANNABIS (American Hemp)
(a liquid preparation)   Alcohol 74 per cent
Lloyd Brothers Pharmacists, Inc     Cincinnati, Ohio
Dose: A teaspoonful of the dilution every hour. Shake the bottle before each dose.
Poisonous in overdoses.
Specific Medicine Cannabis is made from the flowering tops of Cannabis sativa or American Hemp, sometimes called American Cannabis.
Indications: Great nervous depression; genito-urinary irritation with tenesmus and scalding frequent urination; mental illusions; palpitation of heart with uneasiness; stimulates depression; lessens pain; allays spasmodic neuralgia; improves the appetite, and causes a feeling of general contentment.   Dr. John King, American Dispensary (Abridged).
Antidote. – Stomach pump or emetic of mustard, zinc sulphate, or apomorphine. Give strong tea and coffee. Keep patient in motion and awake. Liberal doses of sweet spirits of nitre to encourage renal action. Catherterize and give stimulants, particularly small doses of Specific Medicine Belladonna, or atropine sulphate. – Felter.

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