prepared from cannabis sativa grown in america
Parke, Davis & Co. product label:

4 Fl. Ozs. No. 598 Fluid Extract
Cannabis, U.S.P. (American Cannabis)
Alcohol, 80 per Cent.
Strength, physiological and therapeutic action
the same as that of Cannabis Indica.
Manufactured Apr-14-28
Standardized (By Physiological Assay)
A Powerful Sedative and Narcotic.
Antidotes-Faradization; cautious use of strychnine.
Average dose of the Fld. Extract-1 minims (0.1cc).  
Fld. Ext. Cannabis, U.S.P. 1 fl. Ozs. 50 cc
Alcohol, sufficient to make 15 fl.ozs. 500 cc
Average dose of Tincture, 12 minims.
Parke, Davis & Co.   Detroit, Mich. U.S.A.
Product description, 1929-30 Parke, Davis & Co. catalog:

CANNABIS, U.S.P. (American Cannabis):
Fluid Extract No. 598 .......................(Alcohol 80%).. 5.00
Fluid Extract Cannabis, in common with other of our products that cannot be
accurately assayed by chemical means, is tested physiologically and made to
conform to a standard that has been found to be, in practice, reliable.
Every package is stamped with the date of manufacture.
Physiologic standardization was introduced by Parke, Davis & Co.
This fluid extract is prepared from Cannabis sativa grown in America. Extensive
pharmacological and clinical tests have shown that its medicinal action cannot be
distinguished from that of the fluid made from imported East Indian cannabis.
Introduced to the medical profession by us.
Average dose, 1 1.2 mins. (0.1 cc). Narcotic, analgesic, sedative.
For quarter-pint bottles add 80c. per pint to the price given for pints.

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