Truly Marvelous Mental Medicine
Extrapyramidal scheme:
selling drugs to treat diseases caused by drugs.

(a truly supercalifragilistic-extrapyramidal-idocious scheme)

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selective action against fixed facies, dysphonia, dysphagia, faulty posture Parkinsonian script makes it possible to continue tranquilizer therapy New agent for parkinsonism
a prompt specific countermeasure to drug-induced akinesia Drug-induced parkinsonism
is on the rise
offset the distressing Parkinson-like side effects caused by tranquilizing drugs To control tranquilizer-induced parkinson-like side effects
patients may have tranquilizer therapy interrupted because of drug-induced parkinsonism Don't interrupt therapy a prompt well-tolerated countermeasure for akinesia A well-tolerated countermeasure
when the bizarre movements are drug-induced parkinsonism Bizarre movements prevents and controls drug-induced parkinsonism Tremin obliterates tremor
cogentin relieives bizarre neuromuscular symptoms rigidity tremors weakness and drooling Alarming dystonic reactions muscular rigidity gait disturbances tremor at rest or drooling Pseudo-parkinsonism
the addition of akineton usually permits continuation of needed tranquilizers Don't stop tranquilizers extrapyramidal reactions a frequent concomitant of psychotherapeutic drug treatment Just add Akineton
other signs may be drooling, fine tremor, slowed motor function or apathy Is his speech a little thick? all patients responded favorably Extrapyramidal symptoms are reversible
he can have his tranquilizers and his composure too His world is jittery enough you can of course stop her tranquilizer Give her a better grip on things
she's at peace with herself inside Keep her calm on the outside, too high levels of phenothiazine tranquilizers calmed her considerably She's going steady
control her extrapyramidal symptoms while her tranquilizer controls her Drug-induced parkinsonism can affect the young for the triple threats of extrapyramidal symptoms Triple threats:
akathisia, dystonia, akinesia
get a hold on extrapyramidal symptoms The stabilizer an adjunct in the therapy of all forms of parkinsonism A new day
reverse the sometime dehumanizing extrapyramidal effects of the antipsychotic drugs Remove the chemical straitjacket facial and hand tremors, muscle weakness Patients most
in need
keep productive therapy from becoming counterproductive Extrapyramidal symptoms upset therapy drug-induced extrapyramidal symptoms complicate therapy Extrapyramidal symptoms
complicate therapy
why take the risk of dystonic reactions? The risk of dystonic reactions extrapyramidal symptoms were rated on a four-point scale of ascending severity Breaking away from the clutches of EPS

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