makes it possible to continue tranquilizer therapy
Akineton advertisement, 1959
Mental Hospitals, Vol. 10, No. 9.

New agent for parkinsonsim
Akineton® brand of biperiden
DRUG-INDUCED EXTRAPYRAMIDAL DISORDERS     parkinsonism ~ dyskinesia ~ akathisia
Action -- By controlling drug-induced extrapyramidal disturbances, Akineton makes it possible to continue tranquilizer therapy
of psychotic or other conditions requiring relatively large continuous doses of phenothiazines or resperine.
Side effects -- Minimum (mainly dry mouth or blurred vision).
Dosage -- Individual adjustment of dosage is necessary in all instances. Average daily dose: 2 mg. (1 tablet) one to three times daily.
Available -- Supplied as hydrochloride salt, 2 mg. bisected tablets, bottles of 100 and 1000.
Complete information furnished upon request.         Knoll Pharmaceutical Company         Orange, New Jersey

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