recurrence of extrapyramidal reactions can generally be prevented by administration of cogentin
Cogentin advertisement, 1965.
Mental Hospitals, Vol. 16, No. 4.

when "pseudo-parkinsonism" follows full tranquilizer dosage...   add COGENTIN® Mesylate benztropine mesylate
Cogentin® Mysylate (benztropine mesylate) usually relieves drug-induced, or "pseudo-," parkinsonism (extrapyramidal reactions to full tranquilizer dosage that may appear as muscular rigidity, gait disturbances, tremor at rest, or drooling). With Cogentin most patients can continue tranquilizer therapy with no reduction in dosage. Cogentin also acts promptly against other extrapyramidal effects of tranquilizers, such as dystonic reactions and akathisia.
When oral use of Cogentin is difficult or impossible (as in acute dystonic attacks) or when rapid response is essential, Injection Cogentin often produces dramatic relief of symptoms. Recurrence of extrapyramidal reactions can generally be prevented by administration of Cogentin tablets.
INDICATIONS: Parkinson's disease; extrapyramidal reactions to phenothiazines or reserpine.
PRECAUTIONS: Supervision of patients is required. In severe reactions, discontinue drug or reduce dosage. Use caution in hot weather to minimize risk of anhidrosis.
SIDE EFFECTS: These may be both anticholinergic and antihistaminic. Possible untoward reactions, usually dose-related, include: dryness of mouth, blurred vision, glaucoma, vomiting, anhidrosis, muscular weakness, numbness of fingers, rash, dysuria, urinary retention, constipation, sedation, depression, mental confusion, excitement, visual hallucinations, intensification of symptoms in patients with mental disorders who are receiving phenothiazine or reserpine medication.
Before prescribing or administering, read product circular with package or available on request.
SUPPLIED: Tablets, 0.5 mg., scored, bottles of 100 (particularly useful for fine adjustment of dosage). Tablets, 2 mg., quartersected, bottles of 100 and 1000. Injection, ampuls of 2 cc., boxes of six; each cc. contains 1 mg. of benztropine mesylate.
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