avoids the risk of loss of therapeutic benefit
Akineton advertisement, 1960
Mental Hospitals, Vol. 11, No. 7.

reflecting the growing use of potent tranquilizers. These extrapyramidal disturbances may be reduced by
lowering tranquilizer dosage.
* "It is almost always preferable, however, to merely add oral Akineton® ...since this avoids the risk of
loss of therapeutic benefit and permits uninterrupted phenothiazine therapy."
AKINETON® brand of biperiden
a prompt, specific countermeasure to drug-induced akinesia
motor restlessness ~ akathisia ~ torticollis ~ oculogyric crises ~ chorea
remarkably safe -- "Akineton was not responsible for a single dangerous or toxic effect in the 500 patients treated."*
Dosage: Doses required to achieve the therapeutic goal are variable and individually adjusted.
The following are average doses.
Drug-induced extrapyramidal disorders ~ 1 tablet (2 mg.) one to three times daily
Parkinson's disease ~ 1 tablet (2 mg.) three or four timese daily
Akineton hydrochloride tablets -- 2 mg., bisected, bottles of 100 and 1000.
*Ayd, Frank J., Jr.: Drug-induced Extrapyramidal Reactions: Their Clinical Manifestations and Treatment with
Akineton. Psychosomatics 1:143 (May-June) 1960.
Knoll Pharmaceutical Company, Orange, New Jersey

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