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Come now, my child
if we were planning to harm you,
do you think we'd be lurking here
beside the path in the very darkest
part of the forest?
– Kenneth Patchen

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some cases have less than optimal outcomes Your worst nightmare Equanil helps the child and his parents enjoy a more normal life The child who is 'different'
when learning lags behind intelligence Disturbed child any of your patients regardless of age or disorder can be given the drug Problem child
mentally defective patients who are emotionally disturbed Mentally defective child safe for your little patients too Emotionally unstable child
Deaner is valuable in the treatment of children, especially those whose performance is impaired by behavior problems. Impaired child Drawing made prior to treatment -  Drawing made at week 8 during treatment Draw-a-Person
test for MBD
improves adjustment to institutional care Behavioral problem behavior disorders call for psychiatric care Behavior disorders
alleviation of psychic tensions is an important step Bedwetting is the revealing
symptom of an anxiety state
an unstable child reacting badly to environment and life Antidepressant syrup for bedwetting
combativeness was reduced considerably Thorazine effective in
hyperkinetic children
thorazine syrup Thorazine for prompt control of nausea and vomiting in children
the dramatic calming effect of thorazine Reduce hyperactivity with Thorazine treatment of hyperactive children who show excessive motor activity Hyperactivity:
a handful of problems
better ability to concentrate on both studying and writing For increased attentiveness at lectures acts most rapidly by intravenous injection Now he's contrite
behavioral problems may be manifestations of minimal brain dysfunction (mbd) The mean child who doesn't mean it the traditional neurological diagnostic measures are of little help He can't help it.
He has MBD.
For the troublemaker, bed-wetter, or picky eater: Atarax hydroxyzine HCl. Troublemakers Functional Behavior Problem FBP. Minimal Brain Dysfunction MBD. Minimal Cerebral Dysfunction MCD. Whatever the term used to identify the affliction, prescribe Ritalin. He has FBP, MBP or MCD
effective in awakening patients to reality Awaken schizophrenics with Ritalin patients showed improvement in behavior and manageablility Arouse depressed patients with Ritalin
a happy medium in psychomotor stimulation Lift the depressed
patient up with
a better quality of increased psychomotor activity Stabilize the up and down patient with Ritalin
ritalin renders him more accessible to psychotherapy Ritalin for alcoholics Besides its medical implications, narcolepsy may have drastic social consequences. Ritalin for narcoleptics
tired mother syndrome Ritalin for tired moms A difficult child, a distraught mother, Diagnosis: MBD Ritalin for distraught moms
Ritalin brightens outlook, renews vigor and counteracts drug sedative effects. Ritalin for postpartum moms Brightens the second half of life! We found Ritonic to be a safe, effective geriatric supplement. Contains Ritalin. Revitalizing Ritalin
tonic for grandmoms
studies demonstrate its benefits in MBD Ritalin for minimal brain dysfunction helps patients to verbalize Ritalin makes patients
more cooperative
patients with an element of agitation may react adversely Ritalin relieves
drug-induced lethargy
ritalin gently overcomes mild depression Ritalin relieves
chronic fatigue
gentle stimulant action restores physical and mental activity to normal Tired patients
respond to Ritalin
the patient finds daily tasks no longer loom so large Ritalin sparks energy
psychic dependence in emotionally unstable persons has occured Ritalin gets
things moving
it may be mild depression - she needs help R.S.V.P. with Ritalin
overexuberance can be difficult to distinguish from MBD Mischief or MBD? a differential diagnosis is important Juvenile pranks
or signs of MBD?
wednesday's child - the child with MBD Ritalin for Wednesday's child ritalin should be given cautiously to emotionally unstable patients Ritalin only when
medication is indicated
help for the aged person, the mbd child The many faces of Ritalin not indicated for all children Ritalin once-a-day
get your patient's attention School starts! teaching kids to take medicine Medicine time!
give 'em a schedule II controlled substance in a flavor they'll love Give 'em the grape! bubble gum flavored schedule II controlled substance Bubble gum flavored
controlled substance
and kids love bubblegum Kids hate medicine pfizer ad Zoloft kid
MBD medical myth or diagnosable disease entity Medical myth or
diagnosable disease
the challenge was to expand the market for ADHD ADHD Road Trip
adderall xr family matters - adhd nesting dolls Genetics of ADHD
Nesting Dolls
Why am I taking Strattera? Your medicine is pronounced
Why am I taking Zyprexa? Your medicine is pronounced
Why am I taking Risperdal? Your medicine is pronounced
meth, speed, crystal, crank, etc. Methamphetamine:
a prudent choice
thalidomide especially suitable for infants Thalidomide:
outstandingly safe
direct-to-consumer advertising of a controlled substance in flagrant violation of the law A little sampler of
Chinese ADHD remedies
Swallow your pill the way an alien does. Swallow your pill
the cooool way,
like a space alien!
Before Facebook, before Ritalin, there was basketball. Before Strattera and Vyvanse, there was Ritalin and Cylert Psychopharmaparenting
advocates of child drugging
are offended by this ad.
direct-to-consumer advertising of a controlled substance in flagrant violation of the law This ad violates
international law
but who cares?

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