Patients reported an increase in alertness, vitality and sense of well being on Ritonic methylphenidate tonic.
Ritonic advertisement, 1959.
California Medicine, Vol. 90, No. 3, p. 15.

New revitalizing tonic brightens the second half of life!     Ritonic (T.M.)
A sense of frustration and inadequacy, faulty nutrition, waning gonadal function – RITONIC meets all these problems of middle age and senile let-down. The unique combination of RITALIN, the safe central stimulant, with a balanced complement of vitamins, calcium, and hormones acts to renew vitality, re-establish hormonal and anabolic benefits, and improve nutritional status.
"We found Ritonic to be a safe, effective geriatric supplement..."1   "Patients reported an increase in alertness, vitality and sense of well being."2
PRESCRIBE RITONIC for your geriatric patients, your middle-aged patients and your postmenopausal patients.
Each Ritonic Capsule contains: Ritalin® hydrochloride 5 mg.; methyltestosterone 1.25 mg.; ethinyl estradiol 5 micrograms; thiamin (vitamin B1 5 mg.; riboflavin (vitamin B2 1 mg.; pyridoxin (vitamin B6 2 mg.; Vitamin B12 activity 2 micrograms; nicotinamide 25 mg.; dicalcium phosphate 250 mg.
Dosage: One Ritonic Capsule in mid-morning and one in mid-afternoon.   Supplied: Ritonic CAPSULES; bottles of 100.
References: 1. Natenshon, A. L.: J. Am. Geriatrics Soc. 6:534 (July) 1958.   2. Bachrach, S.: To be published.
RITALIN® hydrochloride (methylphenidate hydrochloride CIBA)     CIBA     Summit, N.J.

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