equanil relieves tension - mental and muscular
Equanil advertisement, 1959.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 21, No. 3.

In the physically normal older child, persistent bed-wetting is often the revealing symptom of an anxiety state.
Thus, the alleviation of psychic tensions is an important step in promoting nocturnal sphincter control.
After using Equanil as a management adjunct, McClendon(1) reports: "Out of the sixty cases followed...
there have been forty-one complete successes, ten partial successes and nine failures...
These cases were selected because of the failure of all other measures..."
1. McClendon, S.J.: Arch. Pediat. 75:101 (March) 1958.
EQUANIL meprobramate   ~   Relieves tension -- mental and muscular
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