induce emotional equilibrium
Serpatilin (Serpasil + Ritalin) advertisement, 1956.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 3.

Stabilize the up and down patient
Serpasil tranquilizer + Ritalin psychomotor stimulant = Serpatilin emotional stabilizer
To induce emotional equilibrium in those who swing from anxiety to depression, Serpatilin combines the relaxing, tranquilizing action of Serpasil with the mild mood-lifting effect of the new cortical stimulant, Ritalin. In recent months, numerous clinical studies have indicated the value of combining these agents for the treatment of various disorders marked by tension, nervousness, anxiety, apaty, irritability and depression.
Arnoff,(1) in a study of 51 patients, found the combination of definite value in a variety of complaints, noting no effect on blood pressure or heart rate.
Lazarte and Petersen(2) also found Serpatilin effective in counteracting the side effects of reserpine and chlorpromazine. They reported: "The stimulating effect of Ritalin seemed complementary to the action of reserpine... in that it brought forth a better quality of increased psychomotor activity.
1. Arnoff, B.: Personal communication. 2. Lazarte, J.A., and Petersen, M.C.,: Personal communication.
Serpatilin Tablets,: 0.1 mg./10 mg., each containing 0.1 mg. Serpasil® (reserpine CIBA) and 10 mg. Ritalin® hydrochloride (methyl-phenidylacetate hydrochloride CIBA).
Dosage: 1 tablet b.i.d. or t.i.d., adjusted to the individual.
SERPATILIN (reserpine and methyl-phenidylacetate hydrochloride CIBA)       CIBA     Summit, N.J.

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