break down his resistance to psychotherapy
Ritalin advertisement, 1959.
Mental Hospitals, Vol. 10, No. 2.

Break down his resistance to psychotherapy
Denial and defensive attitudes block contact with the alcoholic patient. Parenteral Ritalin renders him more accessible to psychotherapy by promoting verbalization of repressed and subconscious material.
In a recent study of 9 alcoholic patients,(1) Ritalin produced "a sustained decrease of psychic resistance." After patient interviews "all patients became significantly more involved in therapy... Two of the patients... for whom intensive individual therapy was available, moved rapidly toward new insights with remarkable emotional participation."
DOSAGE: 10 to 20 mg. intramuscularly, 10 to 15 minutes before interview.
SUPPLIED: Ritalin Parenteral Solution: Multiple-dose Vials, 10 ml., each vial containing 100 mg. Ritalin hydrochloride and 100 mg. lactose in lyophilized form, accompanied by a 10-ml. vial of sterile solvent.
ALSO AVAILABLE: Ritalin Tablets, 5 (yellow), 10 (blue) and 20 mg. (peach-colored).
Reference: 1. Hartert, D., and Browne-Mayers, A.N.: J.A.M.A. 166:1982 (April 19) 1958.
RITALIN® hydrochloride (methylphenidate hydrochloride CIBA)

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