controlled: an acute behavioral problem
Prozine advertisement, 1960.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 22, No. 2.

controlled: an acute behavioral problem
To facilitate psychotherapy in the emotionally disturbed child, and to enable him to lead a stable life during such therapy, adjunctive
treatment with Prozine is often advantageous. In reporting on 176 disturbed children who received Prozine, Ehrmantraut et al.(1) found
that 85.8 per cent showed moderate to marked improvement in behavior reactions and adjustment to institutional care.
Prozine, designed for the treatment of moderate to severe emotional disturbances, helps control psychomotor agitation as well as anxiety and tension.
1. Ehrmantraut, W., et al.: Scientific Exhibit Presented at the District of Columbia Medical Society Meeting, Nov. 24, 1958, Washington, D.C.
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