make the kids come running Pfizer Pediatric Health advertisement, 2001

Must medicine time always involve a game of tag?
Parents ask their pediatricians all sorts of things.
Teaching kids to take medicine and parents about medication safety -- two of the many topics that may not have been covered in your textbooks. Our resources can help, which is why pediatricians have ranked us as #1 in value-added services. In fact, we offer a variety of programs in the areas that most concern parents -- such as giving kids their medicine.
Call us at 1-800-PED-2323 or contact your Pfizer representative for literature that will help you talk to your patients and their parents about medicine. (Soon "medicine time" will make the kids come running.)
PFIZER Ranked #1 among pediatricians ~ VALUE-ADDED SERVICES*
*Scott-Levin. Company Image Trends. Newtown, PA: Scott-Levin, 2000.
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