lift the depressed patient up to normal without fear of overstimulation
Ritalin advertisement, 1956.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 2.

Lift the depressed patient up to normal without fear of overstimulation...
with new RITALIN®     a happy medium in psychomotor stimulation
* Boosts the spirits, relieves physical fatigue and mental depression... yet has no appreciable effect on blood pressure, pulse rate or appetite.
Ritalin is a mild, safer central-nervous-system stimulant which gently improves mood, relieves psychogenic fatigue "without let-down or jitters..."(1) and counteracts oversedation caused by barbiturates, chlorpromazine, rauwolfia, and antihistamines.
Ritalin is "a more effective and less over-reactive drug than amphetamine or its derivatives."(2) It does not produce the "palpitation, nervousness, jitteriness, or undue pressure in the chest area... so frequently mentioned by patiens on [dextro-amphetamine sulfate]."(3)
References: 1. Pocock, D.G.: Personal communication. 2. Harding, C.W.: Personal communication. 3. Hollander, W.M.: Personal communication.
Supplied: Tablets, 5 mg. (yellow) and 10 mg. (blue); bottles of 100, 500 and 1000. Tablets, 20 mg. (peach-colored); bottles of 100 and 1000.
Dosage: 5 to 20 mg. b.i.d. or t.i.d., adjusted to the individual.
RITALIN® hydrochloride (methyl-phenidylacetate hydrochloride CIBA)       CIBA     Summit, N.J.

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