sugar free bubble gum flavored dextroamphetamine for children
Liquadd® bubblegum-flavored amphetamine syrup for children
    Aruiga Laboratories   ~   ~   April 2009

Expand Your ADHD Treatment Options
with the only oral solution indicated for children 3 years and older
LiQUADD (dextroamphetamine sulfate) Oral Solution 5mg/5ml
Dosage FORM and TASTE are important considerations in determining drug administration in children
* Flexible dosing for younger patients
* Proven efficacy of dextroamphetamine
* Sugar-free bubblegum flavor
* Many children experience difficulty with orally administered medications.
    43% of children reported difficulties in taking medications primarily related to medicines' taste and difficulties in swallowing tablets.
LiQUADD offers:
* Flexible dosing for younger patients
* Proven efficacy of dextroamphetamine
    Blood level half life 11.75 hours with dosing once or twice daily until optimal response is obtained
* Sugar-free bubblegum flavor
The only oral solution indicated for the treatment of ADHD for children 3 years and older
* LiQUADD is bubble gum flavored
* LiQUADD is sugar free
* LiQUADD provides flexible dosing at your doctor's direction
* Valuable rebate offer
For additional safety information, please see the package insert for Full Prescribing Information.
For more information about LiQUADD, please contact Auriga Laboratories at 1-866-367-8796.
Dextroamphetamine sulfate is a Schedule II controlled substance. Amphetamines have been extensively abused. Tolerance, extreme psychological dependence and severe social disability have occurred. There are reports of patients who have increased the dosage to many times that recommended. Abrupt cessation following prolonged high dosage administration results in extreme fatigue and mental depression. The most severe manifestation of chronic intoxication is psychosis, often clinically indistinguishable from schizophrenia.
Long-term effects of amphetamines in pediatric patients have not been well established.
Data are inadequate to determine whether chronic administration of amphetamines may be associated with growth inhibition.

Liquadd (dextroamphetamine sulfate) is a colorless, bubblegum flavored oral solution. Each teaspoonful (5 mL) of Liquadd (dextroamphetamine sulfate) Oral Solution contains 5 mg of dextroamphetamine sulfate. Inactive ingredients consist of benzoic acid, citric acid anhydrous, purified water, sodium citrate hydrous, sodium saccharin, sorbitol solution, and artificial bubble gum flavor.
Manufactured for:   Auriga Pharmaceuticals, LLC     An Auriga Laboratories Company     Camarillo, CA 93012
Code 983A00 Rev. 02/08     LQPI-01

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Historical footnote:
Stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Daytrana, etc.) and amphetamine (Adderall, Dexedrine, Vyvanse, etc.) have been administered to millions of American children over the past forty years, but the FDA (annual budget: $2 billion), the Centers for Disease Control (annual budget: $9 billion), and the National Institute for Health (annual budget: $29 billion) have never conducted serious long-term studies to monitor the safety of stimulants in children -- such studies would not suit the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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