Whatever the terms used to identify the affliction, many investigators confirm that Ritalin helps control FBP, MBD, MCD and hyperkinesis in children.
Ritalin advertisement, 1971.
Canadian Family Physician, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 108.

His parents say: "Unmanageable, clumsy, destructive..." His teachers say: "Overactive, easily distracted, impulsive..."
Physicians would say: "FBP*, MBD*, MCD*, or HYPERKINESIS..."

Whatever the terms used to identify the affliction, many investigators confirm that Ritalin, as an adjunct to special education measures and specific parental attitudes, helps control the child's hyperactivity, increase his verbal productivity and attention span, improve his behaviour and learning abilities.
*FBP - Functional Behaviour Problems
MBD - Minimal Brain Dysfunction
MCD - Minimal Cerebral Dysfunction
Ritalin helps 'the problem child' become lovable again.
Indications   Oral: In functional behaviour problems in children (hyperactivity, stuttering, etc.) Dosage   Oral: In hyperkinetic children: start with small doses (e.g. 5-10 mg. t.i.d.) with gradual increments of 5-10 mg. weekly. Dosage should be individualized on the basis of factors such as age, body weight and individual response. Daily dosage above 600 mg. is not recommended.
Side Effects   Nevousness or insomnia, if present, can be avoided by dosage-reduction or by omitting Ritalin in the afternoon. Reports note a few cases of anorexia, dizziness, headache, palpitations, drowsiness, skin rash, overt psychotic behaviour and psychic dependency.
Cautions   Not recommended for severe depressions, except in hospital under close supervision. Patients with agitation may react adversely. Use cautiously in the presence of marked anxiety or tension.
Ritalin may potentiate the effect of pressor agents; exercise care in use with epinephrine, levarterenol, or angiotensin amide. While oral Ritalin has little or no effect on normal blood pressure, use cautiously in patients who have hypertension. Ritalin is stable indefinitely in lyophilized form but should be used within 2 months after the solution is prepared. Do not inject Parenteral Solution through tubing or a syringe which contains a barbiturate or strongly alkaline solution, since a heavy precipitate is formed.
Contraindications   Glaucoma, epilepsy.
Supplied   All forms contain methylphenidate hydrochloride. Tablets of 10 mg. (pale blue, scored); bottles of 100 and 500. Tablets of 20 mg. (peach, scored); bottles of 100 and 500. Ampoules of 20 mg. (lyophilized); boxes of 10 and 100.
Ciba         Dorval, Quebec

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  Historical footnote:
  The term Functional Behavior Problem FBP was copyrighted by Dr. Arnold H. Zukow in 1970.
  See Library of Congress Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series: 1971: January-June, p. 1539.

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