Ritalin has proved effective in awakening patients to reality.
Ritalin advertisement
Mental Hospitals, March 1957

you can bring patients "out of the corner"
with RITALIN® hydrochloride (methylphenidate hydrochloride CIBA)
provides needed stimulation... without euphoria or depressive rebound
Ritalin has proved effective in awakening patients to reality, even in "severe deteriorated chronic schizophrenia of long standing."(1)
The most responsive patients to Ritalin appear to be the true depressives (negative, withdrawn, dull, listless, apathetic) -- without
correlation to age or length of hospitalization.(2)
On 10 to 40 mg. Ritalin t.i.d., such patients become more amenable to therapy, suggestion, and social participation.(2)
1. Leake, C.D.: Ohio M.J. 52:369 (April) 1956. 2 Ferguson, J.T.: Ann. New York Acad. Sc. 61:101 (April 15) 1955.
CIBA     Summit, N.J.

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