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Stelazine straitjacket

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dull listless lethargic and resistant to therapy Effective for back-ward patients no matter how discouraging the results Stelazine
should be tried
fruitful therapeutic contact during the intervals of lucidity Permits fruitful therapeutic contact exert a profound effect on the patient's paranoid thought patterns They try to
poison me
a sense of pride after months of not caring Sense of pride three things to ask yourself before prescribing stelazine Rational approach
all of the above Test yourself drowsiness was confused with unfamiliar feelings of relaxation Unfamiliar feelings of relaxation
she repeatedly requests refills or different medication Excessive neurotic anxiety to allay her chronic neurotic anxiety try her on stelazine Try her on Stelazine
a transcultural look at masks as symbols Healing mask the many faces of stelazine Remove the mask
stelazine a classic antipsychotic A classic a classic antipsychotic Like Homer's Iliad
fragile shell of the borderline patient Fragile shell efficacy in reducing symptoms of psychoses associated with chronic brain syndromes New data
the classic definition of ataraxia Relieve anxiety increased risk of extrapyramidal symptoms associated with all neuroleptics Emerge from darkness

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