No organic basis can be found for her somatic complaints.
Stelazine advertisement, 1974.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 25, No. 1.

Anxiety* is a constant factor in her life   ~ She repeatedly requests refills or different medication   ~ No organic basis can be found for her somatic complaints
'Stelazine' may be the appropriate medication for this patient. It acts to control her anxiety without excessive sedation and with no problem of dependence.
Although adverse reactions, particularlly extrapyramidal symptoms, do occur at high doses, in the low doses recommended for this indication (2-4 mg. a day)
a low incidence of side effects has been reported.
* 'Stelazine' has been evaluated as possibly effective for this indication. See Brief Summary.
STELAZINE brand of TRIFLUOPERAZINE HCl 2 mg. tablets
Manufactured and distributed by SK&F Co., Carolina, P.R. 00630, under Stelazine® trademark license from SmithKline Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa.

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