paranoid schizophrenia can cause many patients to avoid taking medication
Stelazine advertisement, 1968.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 19, No. 1.

"They come around three or four times a day and try to poison me...."
The suspiciousness and hostility inherent in paranoid schizophrenia can cause many patients to avoid taking medication.
'Stelazine' Concentrate can be ideal for these patients. The concentrate dosage form enables the administering nurse to insure
that the medication has been taken. And the potent antipsychotic activity of 'Stelazine' can exert a profound effect on the patient's
paranoid thought patterns. It can help him realize that the hospital personnel are not menacing individuals who are "out to get him,"
but instead they are genuinely interested in his well-being.
STELAZINE® brand of trifluoperazine CONCENTRATE
Adverse Reactions: Mild drowsiness, dizziness, mild skin reactions, dry mouth, insomnia, amenorrhea, fatigue, muscular tension.
Extrapyramidal reactions (restlessness, dystonias, and pseudo-parkinsonsim) may occur and, in rare instances, may persist.
Blood dyscrasias and jaundice have been extremely rare.
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