extrapyramidal symptoms seem to occur more frequently with piperazines such as stelazine
Stelazine advertisement, 1972.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 23, No. 4.

Stelazine® brand of trifluoperazine HCl   a rational approach to the treatment of psychotic symptoms
three things to ask yourself about the psychotic patient before prescribing 'Stelazine'
    1. Is a sedative tranquilizer desirable in this patient?
    2. Which adverse reactions do you consider it most important to avoid?
    3. Can medication be administered orally to this patient?
          Manufactured and distributed by SK&F Co., Carolina, P.R. 00630,
          under Stelazine® trademark license from Smith Kline & French Laboraties, Philadelphia, Pa.

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