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women in the climacteric period develop a true reactive depression Benzedrine combats
mental depression

alleviate apathy, depression of mood and psychogenic fatigue Dexedrine brightens
the outlook in
menstrual dysfunction
relieive the severe emotional upset of the menopausal patient Thorazine facilitates
management of
menopausal patients
premarin pregnant mare urine Premarin gives a
sense of well-being
when change of life seems the end of life Losing a symbol
of femininity
let butisol take the edge off her nerves Mabel's unstable,
Bridget's a fidget
This wasn't a change of life, it was a catastrophe. When women outlive
their ovaries
barbiturates can be used to help the high-strung, tense patient cope with her problems Family problems
she chased dirt and germs all day long Doris never had
time for her kids
the psychological hazards of the uncontrolled environment She can be reached
at home
you may find dexedrine an ideal prescription Why is this woman tired? Unlike other antidepressants, Ritalin usually brings relief with the very first dose. Patients are able to go all day without becoming tired. She needs an agent to
brighten her mood and
improve her performance
patients incapable of dealing calmly with a daily pile-up of stressful situations She needs a
tranquility barrier
Ritalin quickly restores mental and physical activity after childbirth and in the menopause. She needs an antilethargic
Happily married for 25 years but feels she can't go on. Diagnosis: menopausal depression. Her family was bewildered meprospan meprobamate sustained-release tranquilizer for sustained anxiety and tension Her pressures last all day
you can't set her free, but you can help her feel less anxious You can't set her free People today, more than at any other time in history, are seeking freedom. Now she's free
Now she can cope thanks to Butisol sodium. Warning: may be habit forming. Now she can cope Mornidine possesses the advantages of the phenothiazine drugs without unwanted tranquilizing activity. Now she can cook
Now he can cope thanks to Butisol - his or hers? Now he can cope Put her on a stelazine-amphetamine wonder diet. Put her on a diet
On the visible level, this middle-aged patient dresses to look too young Lady, your anxiety is showing     She has insomnia... so he's awake. How can this shrew be tamed?
patients who hide their real emotional lives beneath a veneer She hides anger
behind charm
patients who try to hide anguish behind arrogance She hides anguish
behind arrogance
They may be unable to face the pain of their depression. They hide frustration
behind conformity
Control food and mood all day long with a single morning dose of Ambar methamphetamine/phenobarbital. Adorable then... deplorable now
35, single and psychoneurotic Unmarried with
low self-esteem
patients may develop increased symptoms of psychosis Divorced
particularly before and after menstrual periods and the menopause Ladies in distress Divorced? Depressed? Maybe you have ADHD. I'm depressed.
Could it be ADHD?
if she calls you morning... noon... and night Try her on Stelazine the beginning of his career may seem the end of hers Magna cum depression
Is parenthood something other than the rosy fulfillment pictured by the women's magazines? Battered Parent Syndrome I Is anxiety and tension fast becoming the occupational disease of the homemaker? Battered Parent Syndrome II
he doesn't understand the source of his psychic tension Women dominate
his universe
hypochondriasis is the way she disowns her conflicts Her world orbits
around doctors

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