symptoms of declining ovarian function are not identified as such
Premarin advertisements, 1954.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 16, No. 1; Vol. 16, No. 3.

Every patient who complains of such classic menopausal symptoms as hot flushes has
a counterpart whose symptoms are less clearly defined, yet equally distressing...
for example, easy fatigability, tachypnea, insomnia, headache. Frequently, these symptoms
of declining ovarian function are not identified as such because they occur long before
or even years after menstruation ceases. The patient exhibiting these symptoms may be
expected to respond to estrogen therapy. Premarin® presents the complete equine
estrogen-complex as it naturally occurs. It not only produces prompt symptomatic relief,
but also imparts a gratifying and distinct "sense of well-being." It is tasteless and odorless.
"Premarin," estrogenic substances (water-soluble), also known as conjugated estrogens
(equine), is supplied in tablet and liquid form.
AYERST       New York, N.Y.     Montreal, Canada

..."sense of well-being"...
"Premarin" will not only effectively control menopausal symptoms but, in addition,
"It gives to the patient a feeling of well-being..."*
PREMARIN® in the menopause
Estrogenic Substances (water-soluble) also known as Conjugated Estrogens (equine). Tablets and liquid.
*Glass, S.J., and Rosenblum, G.: J. Clin. Endocrinol., Feb. 1943.
Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Limited * New York, N.Y. * Montreal, Canada

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