In depression with anxiety, life situations can take a turn for the worse.
Asendin advertisement, 1984.
American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 141, No. 2.

Now, provide more rapid symptomatic relief than with amitriptyline
IN DEPRESSED MOOD almost two times greater improvement at Day 4 (1,2)
IN PSYCHIC ANXIETY almost three times greater improvement at Day 4 (1,2)
May enhance patient compliance(3)
In a double-blind study of 50 depressed patients, Asendin showed only one-half as many dropouts due to treatment refusal, toxicity, or deterioration as did amitriptyline.(3) Antidepressants are not recommended for use during the acute recovery phase following myocardial infarction.
For a more rapid response...   ASENDIN® amoxapine
A dependable therapeutic choice ~ over 1,500,000 prescriptions already filled*
*Data from National Prescription Audit, IMS America, Ltd.
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In depression with anxiety: ASENDIN® amoxapine helps shorten your wait for therapeutic benefits
CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY ~ Asendin is an antidepressant with a mild sedative component to its action. The mechanism of its clinical action in man is not well understood. In animals, amoxapine reduced the uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin and blocked the response of dopamine receptors to dopamine. Amoxapine is not a monoamine oxidase inhibitor...
PRECAUTIONS ~ General: Because of inherent suicide potential, dispense to severely depressed patients the smallest suitable amount of the drug. Manic depressive patients may experience a shift to the manic phase; schizophrenic patients may develop increased symptoms of psychosis; patients with paranoid symptomatology may have such symptoms exaggerated, requiring reduction of dosage or addition of a major tranquilizer to the therapeutic regimen. Antidepressant drugs can cause skin rashes and/or "drug fever" in susceptible individuals. These allergic reactions may, in rare cases, be severe. They are more likely to occur during the first few days of treatment, but may also occur later. Asendin should be discontinued if rash ard/or fever develop. Amoxapine possesses a degree of dopamine-blocking activity which may cause extrapyramidal symptoms in <1% of patients. Rarely, symptoms indicative of tardive dyskinesia have been reported, possibly related to treatment with amoxapine.
Information for the patient: Warn patients of possibility of drowsiness; performance of potentially hazardous tasks such as driving an automobile or operating machinery may be impaired.
References: 1. Hekimian LJ, Friedhoff AJ, Deever E: A comparison of the onset of action and therapeutic efficacy of amoxapine and amitriptyline. J Clin Psychiatry 39:633-637, 1978. 2. Data on file, Clinical Research Department, Lederle Laboratories. 3. Prusoff BA, Weissman MM, Charney J, et al. Speed of symptom reduction in depressed outpatients treated with amoxapine and amitriptyline. Curr Ther Res 30:843-855, 1981.
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