Before they come to you, few can recognize their despair.
Aventyl advertisement, 1967.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 18, No. 12.

Do you have patients who try to hide anguish behind arrogance?
They may be unable to face the pain of their depression. The face, the bearing, the trappings may scream assurance, security, and remoteness from a world of little people with little pains and sorrows. But it's all a masquerade that hides the anguish and dread which threaten to tear them apart. You see many depressed patients who conceal their real emotional lives beneath a veneer because it lets them hide from the finality of their depression. Before they come to you, few can recognize their despair. Even while seeking your help, they may continue attempting to hide from you as well as themselves.
Aventyl HCl can assist you in bringing the problem into the open. Aventyl HCl does not help them hide from the pain of their depression. It does not merely make symptoms more bearable. Aventyl HCl is an aid in removing the symptoms and lifting the depression. It takes time for patients to gain insight; however, with the help of Aventyl HCl they won't cling to depression as a response to their basic problems.
Helps them see behind the veneer and accept the reality   AVENTYL® HCl Nortriptyline Hydrochloride
Indications: Depressive reactions (alone or accompanied by anxiety) associated with such presenting symptoms as depression, anxiety, tension, insomnia, restlessness, disinterest, and irritability. Psychophysiological gastro-intestinal disorders and symptomatic reactions in childhood (e.g., enuresis).
Administration and dosage: Maintenance medication is necessary until it is evident that the depression cycle has run its spontaneous course. This assumption may be based upon the history of previous depressions, the removal of the precipitating factors in the environment, or a recognition that the patient is able to manage his affairs. It is advisable to continue maintenance therapy for several months after improvement.
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