raise the emotional threshold against everyday stresses
Serpasil advertisement, 1956.
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. 18, No. 4.

Raise the emotional threshold against everyday stresses...
Serpasil in a low, once-a-day* dose acts as a gentle mood-leveling agent... sets up a needed "tranquility barrier" for the
many patients who, without some help, are incapable of dealing calmly with a daily pile-up of stressful situations.
*As little as 0.25 mg. Serpasil or less once daily may frequently maintain the average patient who is being treated for
emotional strain, anxiety or overexcitability... with a minumum of side effects.
TABLETS, 0.1 mg., 0.25 mg. (scored), 1.0 mg. (scored), 2.0 mg. (scored), and 4.0 mg. (scored).
ELIXIR, 0.2 mg. or 1.0 mg. per 4-ml. teaspoon.     Serpasil® (reserpine CIBA)     CIBA   Summit, N.J.

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