When you put her on a diet Steladex can be the secret of success.
Steladex advertisement, 1964
British Medical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 5385.

When you put her on a diet STELADEX can be the secret of success
Nothing succeeds like success, or fails like failure. That is why success at the first attempt is essential for your dieting patient. After a second and third and fourth effort, the chances of losing weight are slim. Success first time is the answer, and you can give your overweight patients the best chance of success by prescribing 'Steladex'.
For one 'Steladex Spansule' sustained-release capsule curbs the appetite and controls the stress – all day long.
Each 'Steladex Spansule' sustained-release capsule contains 10 mg. 'Dexedrine' (brand of dexamphetamine sulphate) and 2 mg. 'Stelazine' (brand of trifluoperazine).
Literature containing prescribing information is available on request.
SK&F     Smith Kline & French Laboratories Ltd.     Welwyn Garden City, Herts
'Steladex', 'Stelazine', 'Dexedrine' and 'Spansule' are trade marks Brit. Pat. Nos. 715305, 742007, 813861, 857547. Irish Pat. No. 23609.     SSTX:PA44

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