she just can't help being impatinet and exasperating
Butisol advertisements, 1956

Mabel is unstable
She just can't help being impatinet and exasperating -- it's "that time" in her life.
To see her through the menopause, there's a gentle "daytime sedation" in tranquilizing --
BUTISOL® SODIUM butabarbital sodium, McNeil
McNeil Laboratories, Inc.     Philadelphia 32, PA.
Tablets ~ Elixir ~ Capsules

Bridget, the Fidget
Never takes anything calmly -- she's tense, excitable, can't seem to relax.
Let Butisol take the "edge" off her nerves... ease her worrisome, apprehensive state of mind...
with its smooth, dependable, tranquilizing "daytime sedative" action.
BUTISOL SODIUM® butabarbital sodium
McNeil Laboraties, Inc.     Philadelphia, PA.
Tablets ~ Elixir ~ Capsules

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