Family and friends often give him misleading advice.
Prolixin advertisement, 1973.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 24, No. 2.

For schizophrenic patients... A way out: ...that helps keep them out
Controlled drug delivery with new PROLIXIN® Decanoate (fluphenazine decanoate injection)
Puts control of the schizophrenic in your hands with injections 1 to 3 weeks apart or longer with an average duration of effect of about 2 weeks.
Controlled drug delivery -- a revolution in patient management
Prolixin® Decanoate (fluphenazine decanoate injection) helps assure effective, unhindered medication
Controlled drug delivery is physician-controlled delivery, an effective prophylactic maneuver against disruption of therapy -- one of the most common causes of psychotic relapse. Is the patient taking his medication? You know because you administer it or direct others to. Once administered, therapy cannot be altered by the patient, by his family, or by anyone else.
1. hostile resistance   2. pouching - sequestering - stockpiling   3. poor gastrointestinal absorbtion
With Prolixin Decanoate, unimpeded drug delivery
In most patients, symptomatology is controlled by Prolixin Decanoate for periods of two weeks with a single injection. Sequestered medication and similar problems associated with oral therapy are not encountered. Nor does the patient risk drug loss through severe diarrhea or poor gastrointestinal absorbtion. Prolixin Decanoate keeps the patient medicated... helps make hime more amenable to the entire treatment program and improves his chances for rehabilitation and discharge. The outpatient is vulnerable to the dictates of his own poor judgement. Deluded by a sense of well-being, he may question the need for medication. Family and friends often give him misleading advice. Oral therapy in such a patient encourages missed doses. Medication with Prolixin Decanoate (Fluphenazine Decanoate Injection) helps assure drug delivery when required and in the dosage prescribed. It helps keep the outpatient out.
Missed doses ~ Stockpiling ~ Misleading advice from family and friends ~ Weakening of psychological defenses: every tablet reminds him of his problem
Four good reasons for readmission... Good reasons for controlled delivery
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