liquid concentrate is easy to prepare, disguise and administer
Smith Kline & French Thorazine-Stelazine-Compazine ad, 1963.
Mental Hospitals, Vol. 14, No. 7.

drug failure or drug evader?
"...any patient who shows little or no effect from a prescribed medication after a reasonable length of time is not taking the drug. Such an individual must be treated with oral liquid concentrates, the swallowing of which can be observed with more certainty than the ingestion of tablets or pills."(1)
To prevent drug evasion -- and reduce drug waste -- specifiy Liquid Concentrate* when you order THORAZINE® (brand of chlorpromazine), STELAZINE® (brand of trifluoperazine), or COMPAZINE® (brand of prochlorperazine).
Liquid Concentrate is easy to prepare, disguise and administer. It's the ideal dosage form for patients who won't (or can't) take the usual forms of oral medication.
Smith Kline & French Laboratories ~ SK&F
1. Goldman, D.: Dis. Nerv. System 22(2-Suppl):52 (Feb.) 1961.       *For hospital use. Photograph professionally posed.

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