swapping pills - one reason for drug failure
Thorazine advertisement, 1966.
Hospital & Community Psychiatry, Vol. 17, No. 4.

"An orange tablet gets three greeners."     "You got blue? Give me two."
"Swapping pills" -- one reason for drug failure.
With THORAZINE® brand of chlorpromazine CONCENTRATE there are no such wasteful games, no hide and "cheek." Patients benefit from the drug therapy you prescribe.
Contraindicated in comatose states or in the presence of large amounts of C.N.S. depressants.
Principal Side Effects: The most frequently encountered side effect is transitory drowsiness. Other occasional side effects include: dry mouth, nasal congestion, constipation, mild fever, miosis, dermatological reactions, extrapyramidal symptoms, weight gain, hypotension and, less frequently, jaundice. Side effects which occur rarely include: mydriasis, pigmentation, ocular changes and agranulocytosis.
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