risk factors: poor insight and delusional ideas or beliefs, such as thinking that medication is poison
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Psychiatric News, Vol. 41, No. 14.

PARTIAL COMPLIANCE a hidden danger in schizophrenia
Look for the following risk factors:
*   A history of relapse and rehospitalization (1-3)
*   Poor insight (1,4,5)
*   Disorganized thinking (4,5)
*   Cognitive impairment (4,5)
*   Delusional ideas or beliefs, such as thinking that medication is poison (4)
*   A history of drug or alcohol abuse (4-7)
*   A tendency to discontinue medication when feeling better (4)
Any one of these may mean your patient is at risk for partial compliance.
Partial compliance can lead to serious consequences. (2,5,8)   Don't wait to take action!
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