learn signs and symptoms of depression through a game of bingo - hard candy included
Feel Good Bingo®

In Recognition of Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 5 - 11, 2008 ~ Sandwich Community Health Centre Presents... Feel Good Bingo   Learn the signs and symptoms of depression through a fun game of Bingo! DATE: October 10   TIME: 10 - 11 am   LOCATION: Centres for Seniors Windsor   COST: Free   REGISTRATION: Required. Offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association ~ Windsor Essex County Branch - Gerontology Education Department   Prizes and Refreshments!   Register at Centres for Seniors reception desk @ 635 McEwan Ave. or call 519-254-1108. Limit of 15 participants.
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(National Depression Screening Day NDSD 2005 brochure)
Not Just Depression There's more to mental health screening than that. People don't come in with disorders. They come in with symptoms, which are often vague and inter-related. NDSD also screens for multiple mental health disorders. We help you identify the symptoms. You treat them. Screen for depression and: * Bipolar Disorder * Generalized Anxiety Disorder * Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder * Post-Partum Disorders (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale)
Older Adult Kit $150 ~ Limited availability - while supplies last ~ Screening and education materials that specifically address the needs of older adults - quantity of materails for screening up to 50 older adults ~ Includes: * Large type NDSD Screening Form * Brochures and Facto Sheets specific to older adults * Color posters *Clinician Materials: Diagnostic Aid and Pocket Card Series (depression, anxiety, bipolard disorder, suicide) * Video * Feel Good Bingo® Game (includes Bingo boards, cards, hard candy and giveaway items)
Feel Good Bingo® Kit Limited availability - while supplies last (Included for free in Older Adult kit) ~ An entertaining game that teaches older adults about the signs, symptoms and treatment options for depression and anxiety.   Perfect for use in assisted living facilities, senior housing and community centers.   Includes Bingo boards and cards, hard candy and give-away prizes.
NDSD NATIONAL DEPRESSION SCREENING DAY Founding Sponsors: American Psychiatric Association ~ Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance ~ Pfizer Inc. ~ McLean Hospital ~ NAMI ~ National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems ~ National Institute of Mental Health ~ National Mental Health Association   Funding Sponsors: Forest Laboratories ~ Pfizer Inc. ~ Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
NDSD is a program of the non-profit   Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

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