stabilizing the person's behavior must be the first concern
Loxapac loxapine advertisement,
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, June 1992.

When aggressive behavior in the elderly is the problem
"Regardless of etiology the physician is often in the position of having to intervene in a potentially dangerous situation. Stabilizing the person's behavior must be the first concern." 1. (Ancill)
Loxapac may be particularly beneficial for elderly patients with aggressive behavior.
* Loxapac controls aggressive behavior in both elderly patients and patients sufferring from acute schizophrenia.
* Loxapac produces significant improvement of psychopathology and social functioning in elderly patients compared to haolperidol. 2. (Petrie)
"When treating these [elderly] patients the physician should choose as specific acting a drug as possible, avoiding those with a wide range of actions and resulting side effects." 1. (Ancill)
* Loxapac has fewer extrapyramidal side-effects than holoperidol. 5. (Paprocki)
* Loxapac also has less sedation, orthostatic hypotension and anticholinergic side-effects than lower potency neuroleptics, chlorpromazine and thioridazine. 6. (Bernstein)
Dosage Flexifility For Elderly Patients * Lower initial doses and more gradual titration are recommended for elderly and debilitated patients.
LOXAPAC loxapine succinate Effective Control of Aggression With Moderate Side-Effects   Suggested initial oral dose=5 mg BID
LEDERLE     Cyanamid Canada Inc. Markham     Loxapac is a Registered Trademark of Cyanamid Canada Inc.
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